I've registered hundreds of domains over the past couple of years, most of which haven't returned a profit.

This seems to be true amongst almost all my friends.

And this is the reality of domain buying in general.

Lots of unrealised potential, lots of bits & bytes that are never seen or read.

And that's okay.

After-all, renewal costs for most domains are only dollars per year and hosting fees are marginal.

It's just a small line item on my P&L and portfolio.

But as demand for new domains decreases in the market, especially for fancy new TLDs, resellers have become toxic as they ramp up prices for no apparent reason at all.

Imagine registering a domain for a couple of bucks only to realize a year later that you now have to pay $100's per year in renewal fees.

Now multiply that by a portfolio of potentially hundreds of domains.

Disgusting business practices that are actually occurring today.

You wouldn't see this for .org domains.

Could you imagine the backlash from charities if the price to renew yearly increased by 10 fold?

It just wouldn't happen and it wouldn't even be considered in a board room meeting.

But for private businesses and individuals, the attitude is that they don't care. In the closed and private rooms of these sellers, they are just optimising for profit regardless of impact.

New TLDs are a terrible investment for everyone except for those selling them and should be avoided at all costs.

Don't get pulled into the shame as you'll get caught out.

And if you're not sure what I'm talking about, then here's a short list of TLDs to avoid:

.adult	.agency	.airforce	.alsace
.apartments	.archi	.army	.art
.associates	.attorney	.auction	.audio
.auto	.baby	.band	.bar
.bargains	.bayern	.beer	.berlin
.best	.bet	.bid	.bike
.bingo	.bio	.black	.blackfriday
.blog	.blue	.boutique	.brussels
.build	.builders	.business	.buzz
.bzh	.cab	.cafe	.cam
.camera	.camp	.capetown	.capital
.car	.cards	.care	.career
.careers	.cars	.casa	.cash
.casino	.catering	.center	.ceo
.chat	.cheap	.christmas	.church
.city	.claims	.cleaning	.click
.clinic	.clothing	.cloud	.club
.coach	.codes	.coffee	.college
.cologne	.community	.company	.computer
.condos	.construction	.consulting	.contractors
.cooking	.cool	.country	.coupons
.courses	.credit	.cricket	.cruises
.cymru	.dance	.date	.dating
.deals	.degree	.delivery	.democrat
.dental	.dentist	.desi	.design
.diamonds	.diet	.digital	.direct
.directory	.discount	.doctor	.dog
.domains	.download	.durban	.earth
.eco	.education	.email	.energy
.engineer	.engineering	.enterprises	.equipment
.estate	.eus	.events	.exchange
.expert	.exposed	.express	.fail
.faith	.family	.fans	.farm
.fashion	.film	.finance	.financial
.fish	.fishing	.fit	.fitness
.flights	.florist	.flowers	.football
.forsale	.foundation	.frl	.fun
.fund	.furniture	.futbol	.fyi
.gal	.gallery	.games	.garden
.gent	.gift	.gifts	.gives
.glass	.global	.gold	.golf
.graphics	.gratis	.green	.gripe
.group	.guide	.guitars	.guru
.hamburg	.haus	.healthcare	.help
.hiphop	.hiv	.hockey	.holdings
.holiday	.horse	.hospital	.host
.hosting	.house	.how	.immo
.immobilien	.industries	.ink	.institute
.insure	.international	.investments	.jetzt
.jewelry	.joburg	.juegos	.kaufen
.kim	.kitchen	.kiwi	.koeln
.kyoto	.land	.lat	.law
.lawyer	.lease	.legal	.lgbt
.life	.lighting	.limited	.limo
.link	.live	.loan	.loans
.lol	.london	.love	.ltd
.ltda	.maison	.management	.market
.marketing	.mba	.media	.melbourne
.memorial	.men	.menu	.miami
.moda	.moe	.mom	.money
.mortgage	.moscow	.nagoya	.navy
.network	.news	.ngo	.ninja
.nrw	.nyc	.okinawa	.one
.onl	.online	.organic	.osaka
.paris	.partners	.parts	.party
.pet	.photo	.photography	.photos
.physio	.pics	.pictures	.pink
.pizza	.place	.plumbing	.plus
.poker	.porn	.press	.productions
.promo	.properties	.property	.pub
.qpon	.quebec	.racing	.recipes
.red	.rehab	.reise	.reisen
.rent	.rentals	.repair	.report
.republican	.rest	.restaurant	.review
.reviews	.rich	.rip	.rocks
.rodeo	.ruhr	.run	.ryukyu
.saarland	.sale	.salon	.sarl
.school	.schule	.science	.scot
.security	.services	.sexy	.shiksha
.shoes	.shop	.shopping	.show
.singles	.site	.ski	.soccer
.social	.software	.solar	.solutions
.soy	.space	.store	.stream
.studio	.study	.style	.supplies
.supply	.support	.surf	.surgery
.sydney	.systems	.taipei	.tattoo
.tax	.taxi	.team	.tech
.technology	.tennis	.theater	.theatre
.tienda	.tips	.tires	.tirol
.today	.tokyo	.tools	.top
.tours	.town	.toys	.trade
.trading	.training	.tube	.university
.uno	.vacations	.vegas	.ventures
.versicherung	.vet	.viajes	.video
.villas	.vin	.vip	.vision
.vlaanderen	.vodka	.vote	.voting
.voto	.voyage	.wales	.wang
.watch	.webcam	.website	.wed
.wedding	.whoswho	.wien	.wiki
.win	.wine	.work	.works
.world	.wtf	.在线	.移动
.онлайн	.сайт	.орг	.中文网
.संगठन	.机构	.みんな	.游戏
.企业	.xyz	.yoga	.yokohama