We spend our days helping build passionate full-time content, outreach and PPC teams for eCommerce, affiliate & SaaS companies looking for a competitive edge in search marketing.

Stop hiring flaky freelancers or agencies who overcharge for lackluster output and build an internal team dedicated to your vision.

SearchSprints is an independent consultancy who is focused on helping online brands move away from agencies and build strong, motivated, well-trained in-house search teams that beat the competition through hiring top talent from around the world β€” at any budget.

Full-time focus on your business

SearchSprints is a consulting agency whose top-tier team and candidate pool are deployed as full-time remote additions to our clients' teams. We manage, educate, teach and scale alongside your existing processes to produce exceptional work.

Obscenely good communication

For a lot of people, hiring brings anxiety β€” not us! We love it and have formed some phenomenal systems and processes that help us run our business. One of the key things is great communication, so we'll be there every step of the way.

Flexible for any type of business

Whether you're looking to hire one PPC team member in the U.S or an entire content team in Eastern Europe, we have candidates all around the world ready to work on your business. Let us know your budget and we'll figure out a hiring solution for it.

Strong opinions on SEO, PPC or growing your internal search teams.

Each week we put out one to two short articles that are bite-sized and fun to read in a single sitting. Some come with resources, others come with downloads and a few with videos or audio β€” easily sortable with a few clicks. Original ideas, no listicles or regurgitate ideas.

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Why the move to in-house?

The dynamic between advertising agency and advertisers is changing rapidly, as more and more clients are moving their marketing efforts in-house. Big name advertisers have already started transitioning to a 100% dedicated in-house team, like Proctor and Gamble, Unilever, Georgia Pacific, and Verizon. It’s a bold move, as clients want more oversight, control, and ultimately better ROI. Rising ad costs will require brands to focus on internal operational excellence to sustain growth.

At SearchSprints, we believe mid-level advertisers will benefit the most from eliminating the middle man and creating more dynamic and accessible management of their advertising efforts. Leverage our systems, pool of candidates, and management expertise to create a strong in-house search team that moves the needle for your business. You'll be shocked to find out the real costs of running an internal team vs. hiring an agency (on avg. over 50% cut in costs) β€” and not just that, when you work with us ...

  • We'll manage hiring and staffing your team
  • We'll manage strategy and execution of the strategy
  • Leverage our team management practices and procedures.
  • Leverage our internal training practices.
  • Leverage our teams great culture and team attitude.

If this sounds like something you’re interested in, please schedule time below and talk to us about how we can help bring your search marketing efforts in-house. In the meantime, check out the learning pod about Building an In-House Performance Marketing Team.

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Core Service

Hire and scale your internal team

To get the competitive edge you desire you need to build an internal team who can consistently deliver on results. We will help connect you with talented and experienced writers, managers and SEOs from around the globe who will drive performance and push search efforts to the next level.

The team will be fully dedicated to your business, creating value for your brand and doing so for 40 hours per week. These individuals have prior search experience and will need little to no training about the basics of account management, meaning you can ramp up quickly and start to see results soon.

Core Service

Get a strategy to execute on for 12 months

Don't fly blind. Work with the Senior SEO team at SearchSprints to create a personalized strategy for your brand that you can execute on immedietely for the next 12 months. The document is simple, clear and as one of our clients described in Q4 last year "absolutely mind-blowing".

In this document, you'll be able to see the full landscape of your competitors, what search real-estate you should be working towards owning and a clear prioritisation on what keywords will deliver the best results for your business. There is no fluff and we don't include any typical SEO jargon. Just the basics, for you to execute on beautifully.

Secondary Service

Save time with our custom tooling

SearchSprints also prides itself on creating software and tools to help grow accounts and reduce time spent on manual tasks, like keyword research and advanced data analysis. These are built custom for each clients needs and only for websites with traffic in the tens of millions.

Secondary Service

Take your team to the next level

We'll work directly with your team to find new efficiencies and improve the monthly output of your SEO tasks. We'll find the things your team shouldn't be doing, automate them and get them focused on the tasks that matter.

Secondary Service

Audit your existing SEO strategies (or your external SEO agency)

Even the best media managers need some oversight. Bring us in to regularly audit your teams output and pinpoint any areas that need improvement, revisions, or optimizations.

Secondary Service

Let us manage your campaigns, then handover execution in 6 months

Bring us in to get your campaigns off the ground with the goal of handing over all responsibility within 6 months to your own internal team. This is perfect for companies who don't have time to spare.

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