Over Q4 of this year, I got to spend some time with some amazing entrepreneurs.

These entrepreneurs weren’t your typical business owners. 

They were eccentric, self-made individuals who had made generational wealth in their 20’s and 30’s. Most were traveling the world, living quiet alternative lifestyles and pursuing their dreams.

They were also people who, seemingly, against all odds, were able to do this through turning code and words into cashflows and assets.

They had built their very own ATMs.

Whilst there were hundreds of conversations that came out of these sessions, gatherings and nights out there was on theme I want to chat quickly about today and that's: everyone was bringing it in-house.

No more outsourcing, even less partnerships and certainly no hiring of external agencies is going on. 

This felt different to just a couple of years before where people were happy to outsource externally and work with others. But that's not happening anymore.

Speaking to agency owners and those who run the companies people would typically outsource too, they were feeling it as well.

But why the change?

Well, there's a lot of reasons but the main one that would come up time and time again was that they were getting impatient.

In most cases, when you work with others, you lose leverage, control and if you’re not paying top dollar you also don’t get priority for work to be shipped. 

When you work with an agency, who has many other clients, your attention is split and you’re charged a premium for it. After all, the agency needs to make it’s profit otherwise why should it be in business?

And it's not just that, many agencies (mainly SEO) and outsourced firms were also realising that they should perhaps even build their own assets vs. work on clients, and that has lead to even more tension. Slowly, less time would be spent on clients and more on their own websites.

And that's the thing. When you have a team of people, focused, working 40 hours per week on your assets you really push them forward.

It’s my belief that when you hit a point of profitability in your business, and you’re able to bring skill sets like SEO in-house you can double, triple or even 10x your companies productivity. 

For SEO, this means 10x the content and 10x the promotion of your assets, potentially 10x the organic growth and leads.

And don't get me wrong, I understand all the reasons someone wouldn't want to build an in-house team ... 
  • You don’t want to train the new staff.
  • You have no processes for SEO.
  • Search is a new marketing channel for your team.
  • You don’t know where to hire top talent or how to judge them.
... are just a few reasons, all of which are valid. 

But at the same time, what are the alternatives?

Your competitors beat you?

You continue paying another agency a premium?

That sounds more painful than trying to figure out how to make it work internally with a passionate team rallying behind your businesses success.

As you're planning your SEO campaigns in 2019, have a deep think about the team that's fuelling your success into the New Year. If the profit is there, I'd encourage you to invest in the long term success of your business and scale. 

If you want a hand, just reach out and schedule a call with me. I'm always happy to help and lend a hand.