Why Is The SEO Agency You Fired Threatening To Pull Your Links & Destroy Your Rankings?

Posted 8 months ago by @jessethanley

The fact this conversation is actually happening means you made a fundamental mistake in the beginning. 

You never asked how your agency was actually building your links.

It played out something like this. 

The agency sold you a package.

Their sales team had you feeling like a hundred bucks. 

You shook hands, they said they'd start the campaign.

Things went well. Rankings soared, income came in by the thousands and everyone was laughing. 

Until they weren't. 

You either wanted more profitability, outside market factors are forcing layoffs or perhaps you just wanted to take it in-house. 

Throughout the engagement with the client, the agency factored in their profit margins and invested the rest into their secret sauce. 

What is this secret sauce that they refuse to tell you about? 

Link rental. 

These deals rarely happen on a one-off basis and the agency just went on a buying spree after you paid your first retainer.

Each link has an expiry date, some years and others monthly. 

The minute you stop paying the agency is the minute they'll pull all your links and tank your business as a result. 

They'll never tell you this though. 

They'll keep it a secret, and at that moment you've lost all power.

Don't get into this position. Don't get played.