The Tiny 642 Word Guide To Acquiring New Websites For Your Portfolio

Posted 7 months ago by @jessethanley

For the last 12 months or so, I've been working to diversify my portfolio (to protect myself from the next recession) through buying new internet assets and spice things up for the agency. 

For all the websites I've gone after I haven't bought through EmpireFlippers, FEInternational or other brokers. 

Their multiples are reasonable, but higher than what you can putting in the hard work to find them yourself.

My approach, taught to me by an affiliate friend of mine, works wonders and finds great underpriced opportunities. 

Here it goes. 

The Approach

First step is to work out a vertical you want to go after and your team is passionate about. 

Too many people skip over this. 

You're about to drop reasonable dough on this internet asset and you want to ensure that everyone in your team is happy to work in that space after you buy.

Another thing to consider is thinking what businesses could compliment your existing ones.

Let's say you own a eCommerce business selling soap.

Well, perhaps owning some soap or beauty affiliate sites might go well as you can help promote your own line.

Just slot yourself into the top spot and boom, making instant sales.

I have friends who do exactly this as their core marketing strategy and have taken eCommerce brands from $0 to high 6-figures per month in a matter of months (perhaps a topic to write about down the line).

After you've picked your niche you'll want to begin building a large list of candidate properties that you want to reach out to.

We're talking about over 500 sites here β€” all found through Googling terms you want to own. It's safe to assume that sites ranking in the top slots for Google, for a long time (important) are healthy and not risky assets to buy.

Using the soap example again we'd be looking for sites that rank for "best soap for sensitive skin" and add them to the list.

Use tools like and to look at their history to see if they've been dinged before (penalty) and have had a steady growth trajectory. 

If I see a big drop or declines, I skip.

Once you have your list you'll want to enrich it with emails and contact points. The contact points I always want to go through is: a personal email, link to Facebook page and Twitter.

Once that's done, you're now ready to start firing away.

Draft up your email and keep it simple.

Something like:

Hey {name},

I'd like to acquire this domain and site.

My names {your name} and I work for {your company}. We've been acquiring businesses like yours for the last {period} and we think {domain} would be a great fit to our family of sites.

When we purchase domains like yours the transactions typically last one week and our multiples go up to 15 - 25x monthly earnings depending on the sites history and health.

Would you be up for chatting later this week?

Here's a link to my calendar {link to Calendly or other scheduling app}.

Appreciate you,
{your name}.

Hard to ignore an email like that. 

Start sending them one by one through all contact points, you can use a mail merge tool like Woodpecker or Gmass if you want but I like a more personal approach and use the time to personally check each domain. 

It's worth the day or two doing it properly.

After you've sent your emails you now just wait. 

Conversion rates look something like: 
  • 500 emails sent.
  • 50 replies.
  • 1 - 2 opportunities.
And that's it. That's the process.

Now, actually executing the transaction is another discussion but in general you'll use to manage it or if you're feeling like a cowboy just PayPal the money and hope for the best (not recommended but I've done it before). 

Happy hunting!