(🎙Audio) Early August thoughts on Google’s recent Y.M.Y.L algorithm update

Posted 8 months ago by @jessethanley

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G'day guys. I thought I would record a little kinda commentary on the recent Google update that was happening in the market — provide another additional voice and my own personal kind of insights on it. 

I think, as kind of happens with a lot of Google updates, there's a lot of fear-mongering that goes on. People will kind of highlight these big sites with really large dips and don't actually give much context behind it. They don't give keywords, they don't even show the site half the time. It can be really scary for kind of webmasters and people just trying to run their own business. And if they see any dip, to think that the world's kind of out for their business. And a lot of the time that's not really true.

So in this video, again ... sorry, not video, audio, I wanted to quickly chat about the update and let's just kinda get into it. So to give some context on what happened and how these got announced, Danny Sullivan has a Twitter account called "SearchLiaison," I think, from memory. And that accounts kind of the one that does talk about these updates and does kind of announce them. Now as with most Google updates these days, they're kind of a little bit, what's the word ... they just don't really tell you what's going on, they just say that, "Hey. There was a large update or an update that kind of applies to the global algorithm." And you don't really know what it is. But what's been interesting is there's been some discourse with people like John Mueller and some people at Google and ... because that discourse is public, you can draw some strings on it.

Now what it looks like from kind of looking at that sites that were impacted, was that it seems to be kind of a quality ... and I know this is an annoying word, but like a quality update. Now I'm gonna talk from my experience. There's a lot of niches that I kind of keep an active [pulse 00:01:53] on. I also have some rank tracking software and in that rank tracking software I can actually see whole bunch of different markets and what's kind of happening in them. And I saw some pretty crazy fluctuation in what's kinda classified as your money, your life and also health and the health space.

A really good example of this is a company called Perfect Keto, which actually held ... I was looking at this for a while, held the number one slot for the word ketosis. Now should that eCommerce brand hold the number one spot for ketosis, the answers probably no. And that one exactly, right, where an eCommerce company is sitting on a slot for a term that is kind of an informational query. And there are a lot of eCommerce brands that do this and a lot of essentially content farms, like Dr. Axe and Selfhacked and those types of companies. Now they probably don't deserve the top slot. What probably does deserve the top slot is government sites, informational sites, organizations, science review websites.

And what I've kind of noticed is that these eCommerce brands have kinda been pumped and these affiliate companies and these publishing houses have been kind of pumped to the side, pushed to the side, and they've lost their top slots. Now that's where the large fluctuation's happening. People are actively on Twitter posting photos of large dips, but really when you actually dig into it, the dips are coming from only a handful of posts and those posts generally are ranking for some pretty valuable terms and some really high traffic ones. And so in the large overall graphs, it looks like a really major dent, but in reality it's only a handful of pages that have tanked and a lot of it is for this reason.

Google kind of wants the servers to use as the safest option. And when eCommerce sites, publishers, etc, are kind of holding those positions, it's not a good thing to serve users, as far as Google's concerned. So I guess the interesting thing about this is it's kind of sparked up a lot of discussions around kind of what is Google looking for in a site that makes it think that it's quality and kind of deserving of that top post. If you wrote in a really informative article about ketosis and you believe it's better than everything out there, then what are some things that you can put on that page that you think it can deserve it.

Now this is where things get a little bit blurry and when I chat to people about them, they kinda go, "Whatever." But I think if you got the spare time, focus on this and it might help you in future updates and your rankings, who knows. So one of the things to focus on is go read the Google quality guidelines. They've got a section there called "EAT," which is expertise, authoritativeness, and trust. Now EAT is one of those things where you're gonna read a lot of the stuff in the Google quality guidelines and you might be like, "Don't really understand how I'm gonna implement that." But spend some time thinking about it deeply. Send me message if you want on Twitter and we can chat about it.

But what that kind means to me, at least in this context, is that, hey, you've written a blog post so you've written a page or you've written an article. What are some signs that you can add to it, potentially that is a Twitter bio ... sorry, not a Twitter bio, a blog bio or it is some ways or references to show that the person writing the content should be writing that content. And showcasing why you kind of deserve that top slot and why that piece of content is the right one to be there. Now that's something that for, let's say you run an affiliate site or you run a review site or you run an eCommerce site, it's not that hard. Even if you run an eCommerce site, I would hope that you're the expert in that space and so showcase your face, put your bio there, write some descriptions on why you're the person to be writing about that, and then maybe link to somewhere else on the site that has some more information about the writer and their background.

So that's one little thing that you can probably action today, if wanted to. But again, go to the Google quality guidelines and give it a really good read. You probably pull out some really interesting insights that I think you may not have thought of and will probably even increase the conversions of your website anyway. So yeah, some other sites that you should, if you have access to tools like Ahref's or some rush, have a look at. is sites like Dr. Axe, that's one that I would kind of have a look at. And have a look at kind of riskier industries like CBD and those ones because those ones have had a lot of fluctuations and I think it's really telling and I think it tells kind of future of Google.

It's funny, with a client that I have, I actually mentioned this, a lot of this stuff to them a couple months back that this would happen in their space. It turns out it kinda did. Again, do some reading, send me some messages if you have them, but this is just a quick little thought and some things to kind of think about and think about for your site. Anyway, I'm gonna put some links underneath this post about some more places to learn about the algorithm update. But hope you guys enjoyed this little clip. It's a short one. And I'll try and syndicate it to a couple of other platforms so you can listen to it in future and get kind of all the future audio clips that I produce.

All right. Cool. Thanks guys. Have an amazing rest of the day and I will chat to you all later. Bye.