A Remarketing Audience Bank Just For You

Posted 8 months ago by @megroy_

Targeting and retargeting is probably my favorite topic in digital marketing. Knowing your audience is crucial to success and driving efficient spend, conversions, and traffic. 

But today, let's focus on retargeting - encouraging people who have already engaged with your brand to return and to convert (hopefully). There's many different paths to take with this, and it really all depends on two things:

1. What is your goal? - Sales, Leads, Traffic?
2. Where is a particular person in the funnel? - Top, Middle, Bottom, Somewhere Between?

We've created an audience bank broken down into several categories: Website Visitors, Site Engagers, Valued Customers, Demographics, and Mixed Media Traffic. Each of these can be used to retarget to people who have already visited your site and can be combined for more granularity (but tread cautiously not to limit audience size too much). 

Have fun with it and test, test, test! Want to retarget new visitors who browsed 2-4 pages (suggesting very qualified traffic)? Go for it. Need to exclude low value converters who haven't returned to the site in over 90 days? Perfect. 

Let us know if there are any additions we could add to the bank. Download below!