A BackPack Internet Company

A small team that's just passionate about helping others find full-time work.

Every single day we wake up with the focus of helping others find the same joy we have found building our team in Eastern Europe.


We started SearchSprints to solve our own problem: we needed more hands.

Over the last 5 years, our team has worked on a-lot of projects — client sites, affiliate projects, you name it — and each time our only block was how many hands we could deploy. No agency or content provider could ever give us what we wanted.

So, to solve that we built out a network of full-time writers to work on these projects, and overtime more and more interest from our friends grew to the point where we started helping others do the same.

We take great care of our core team, and our writers — both are the life blood of this business.

We make sure to include all the perks and benefits that full-time employees get whilst also ensuring that it's easy to manage for our clients hiring.

We're big believers that working from a place of your choosing is the right way to work. All of our writers, and core team, believe this to be true so we've created our own

One of the lessons we've learned hiring is that everything is unlocked in-person. To help, we've put in rules that we'll only hire in locations where our management team is present and can physically visit our writers. This ensures that if there is an issue, say learning how to upload to WordPress, our team can drive to a local cafe to help them out.

We believe that forty hours in a week is enough to do your best work. Everyone on the team has the luxury to work when they want, for as long as they want, but no more than this quota of hours.

HQ in Fukuoka, Japan.
Team members and writers in .

Everyone who works at SearchSprints works from home, at a cafe or wherever! We picked our office location to maximize our team's happiness.

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